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Block Insertion Scale. If you have drawn and defined your block libraries with regard to imperial units, you must scale them differently for metric drawings. Typically, when you insert a block into a 2012-01-01 2002-06-26 You are viewing the Architectural Scale: Drawing Scale: Scale Factor: Dim Scale: 3/32" = 1' 128: Inverse Multiplier: LT Scale: 2014-06-01 CAD-training-course.com. AutoCAD ® FREE online course Learn now the 2D drafting! INDEX >> part5 > linetype scale “Ltscale” (linetype scale) On AutoCAD, when we use different line types from the normal continuous line, the size of the hatch of these depends on the variable "LTSCALE.

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perfect, one Ltscale suits all conditions for either PSLTSCALE of 0 or 1. This is because sometimes we need, for appearance sake, larger or smaller scales to get the large and small increments, plus the white spaces to look correct in our printed drawing. The numbers such as 48 or 96 relate directly to the LTscale, but they are only a starting Many things in AutoCAD are controlled by system variables. The main system variable that controls the linetype scale is LTSCALE.

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The method I’m going to show you next is both a little easier and more modern than the first way I showed you. The following steps demonstrate how to put LTSCALE on autopilot: 1. Make sure I06-11-DrawingRoof.dwg (M06-11-DrawingRoof.dwg) is open.

Cad ltscale

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Cad ltscale

For our suggested settings, see Our Recommended Settings for LTSCALE, PSLTSCALE, and MSLTSCALE below. Sets the linetype scaling for new objects relative to the LTSCALE command setting. A line created with CELTSCALE = 2 in a drawing with LTSCALE set to 0.5 would appear the same as a line created with CELTSCALE = 1 in a drawing with LTSCALE = 1.

Cad ltscale

Of course (as the help suggests) it is also possible to give all entities in model space a linetype scale of 0.1 and set LTSCALE to 25.
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Make sure I06-11-DrawingRoof.dwg (M06-11-DrawingRoof.dwg) is open. 2. Enter LTSCALE↵ or LTS↵. The prompt in the command This is a quick tip on viewing the linetype scale in the viewports on your Paper Space sheets.
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Ive put a wish list request in at AUGI to have an ltscale selection in the properties dialog for viewports.