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It is recommended for every Power User and Web User. Getting Started Learn to make the most of your Education Pass, understand MicroStrategy fundamentals, and get a hands-on, comprehensive overview of MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence. Standard (user name & password) LDAP Authentication MicroStrategy Intelligent Enterprise™ Platform Help. LOGIN? User name. Password.

Microstrategy web administrator login

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Access the MicroStrategy Web Administrator page. (How?) From the pane on the left, select Security. The Security page opens and the login options are displayed under Login. MicroStrategy Intelligent Enterprise™ Platform Help. LOGIN? User name.

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Using this information from the file, users can log onto MicroStrategy Web Administrator with the username of 'admin' and a blank password. MicroStrategy Web is an interactive, easy to use interface for all Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, analysis, and monitoring. With MicroStrategy Web, business users perform any of or all the major styles of BI - Scorecards and Dashboards, Enterprise Reporting, OLAP Analysis, Predictive Analysis, and Alerts and Proactive Notification - within a single, unified Web interface.

Microstrategy web administrator login

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Microstrategy web administrator login

User name: Password: Standard (user name & password) LDAP Authentication. MicroStrategy Web MicroStrategy gives organizations the complete set of capabilities required to transform into an Intelligent Enterprise, from enterprise reporting and data discovery, to mobile productivity and real time telemetry. The MicroStrategy analytics platform has all the features of MicroStrategy Desktop plus much more. The enterprise platform supports both web and mobile apps and comes with a suite of tools for easy administration, a centralized metadata layer, scalable in-memory technology, and uncompromising enterprise security.

Microstrategy web administrator login

The Default Server Properties page opens. In the Login area, choose which of the following login modes is enabled or disabled, and which mode is the default. The following login modes are available: How to Establish Default Login Requirements for a Specific Project. Log in to a MicroStrategy project using an account with Web administrator privileges. From the upper right of any page, click the username drop-down and select Preferences.
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This is what  Med hjälp av blockchain-teknik kan användare återställa kronologin för att göra eventuella ändringar i databasen. Mike Owergreen Administrator. Sorry! Arianna Simpson, managing partner of investment firm Autonomous Partners, discusses this week's news that Cambridge Analytica had used data from  data from different sources using SAP Lumira's data connectersPrepare, filter, clean, and detailed recipes on the installation, administration, and customization of SAP Lumira. story or infographic and publish it across your organization or on the World Wide Web. Mastering Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy.

go to the Web Administrator. MicroStrategy Web When I try to login into the Web Adminstrator through the Program files --> Microstrategy --- > Microstrategy Web Administrator. I am also able to login through the link in the Web login page where it say's "Go to the Administration Page". It allows me to the web administration page without any authentication.
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Financing options available Windows: On your desktop, from the Start menu, select Programs (or All Programs), then MicroStrategy Tools, then Web Administrator. The Web Administrator page opens. UNIX/Linux : After you deploy MicroStrategy Web Universal and log on to the mstrWebAdmin servlet using proper authentication, the Web Administrator Page opens. Se hela listan på Log in to a MicroStrategy project using an account with Web administrator privileges. From the upper left of any page, click the MicroStrategy icon , then select Preferences . The Preferences page opens. This is a private computer facility, protected by a security system.